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Anyone who considers outdoor adventures for corporate leaders and teams to be retreats or “boondoggles” has never experienced one with Ramsay Beecher! Having had quite a few opportunities to see Ramsay in action myself, along with hearing numerous testimonials from corporate leaders to children, I can attest to the transformations that take place when individuals and teams realize their fears and limits are self-imposed and they conquer these with his help. The results are profound and there are no words that can effectively convey the experience of one of these adventures or the long term benefits and breakthrough performance that can be achieved by participating.


Mindy J R Cimmino


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“Not only does Ramsay make everyone feel safe and protected — no matter what their age or skill level is — because of his serious recreational knowledge and experience, but he is also hilarious, so every canyoneering and rock climbing trip I have gone on with him is a blast! I can’t wait for the next adventure.”

– Esther Rawlings

“I have gone with Adventures United four times and keep coming back. I find it to be very professionally done. The staff was warm and friendly and very knowledgeable, not only for the program but as to the aspects of nature while having an incredible time. My family has benefited from Ramsay’s knowledge and his ability to teach life lessons along with outdoor skills. He has given my two son’s (18 and 11) confidence and the knowledge that they can accomplish hard things in life. The experiences we have had while participating in these activities are amazing and thrilling. With the staff’s knowledge and experience, we have felt very safe and secure in every activity we have done, including rappelling, white water river rafting, and even rock climbing in the beautiful Southern Utah red rock. I would highly recommend Adventures United to anyone looking for an experience that is both educational as well as high adventure in its truest form.”

– Shawn Sampson

“Not being very experienced in outdoor recreational activities, I was very apprehensive at first. Ramsay quickly put my mind at ease and created an atmosphere of comfort through his patience, thorough explanation of equipment and activities, and his easy going personality.”

– Bryn Carey

“My first adventure with Ramsay was a beautiful canyon near Zion National Park. I had NEVER been canyoneering, repelling, anything. Nothing. I came in with zero experience and was scared out of my mind going into it. I am only a mildly outdoorsy person – nature is NOT my first home. And while I’d like to think I am an adventurous person, I’m really nervous when trying anything new. From the minute we started the hike in, Ramsay had EVERYTHING under control, and was talking me through every step of the way. When we reached our first repel, I’ll be honest, I was crying out of sheer terror, but Ramsay put me at ease with his easy-to-understand instructions, gentle and patient demeanor and awesome sense of humor which allowed me to forget about my fears long enough to step over the edge. Canyoneering – especially for your first time – is 100% about trust, and Ramsay earned mine. He always double checked my gear, taught and re-taught me how to hook in (even though I made him do it for me every time), and showed me how the anchors worked/why they worked, etc. Basically he never pushed me, and would talk me through what I was about to do until I was ready to do it. I will never forget that trip, and since then have gone on multiple trips with Ramsay. Matter of fact, I go whenever possible! He is funny, laid back, friendly to literally everyone and everything, trustworthy and assuring. He’s even a hero – when we were exiting the canyon we passed a family who was moving really slowly, had a lot of scared kids and were losing daylight quickly. Ramsay got us all out safely, and then in the dark went back for this family. The family was so grateful, and I was so impressed with his integrity and compassion. I couldn’t recommend him enough – and actually can’t wait for the next adventure!”

 – Rachel Anderson

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